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iRENTALS PHILIPPINES Imported Cars Enterprises Opc is a trading and leasing company dedicated to provide quality motor vehicles depending on the needs of the clients. Our vehicles manufactured by trusted brands range from sedan, SUVs, to pickup, vans, etc, We are committed to achive customer satifaction through seamless and transparent transactions.


Our mission is to provide diverse quality motor vehicles and give outstanding trading and leasing transactions to our clients.


We aim to make motor vehicles and heavy equipment accessible to everyone in the Philippines.

Our Values

  • Inclusive
  • Reliable
  • Effective Communication
  • Notability
  • Transparency
  • Accessible
  • Loyalty
  • Satisfaction

Our goal

To be the leading provider of integrated mobility solutions. At iRENTALS, international experience and knowledge is applied to provide world class car leasing solutions.

We are a trusted and respected provider of fleet management solutions in our chosen markets

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Fleets managed range from passenger, light and heavy commercial. To highly specialized, purpose-built vehicles, with services provided across the full life of the asset. Customize our flexible, affordable and scalable solutions to deliver tangible benefits to your organization’s bottom line. Utilizing our expertise, tools and analysis. iRENTALS could help ensure you have a cost effective fleet for your requirements.

iRENTALS head office is located in Makati City, PHILIPPINES.

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We have considerable experience and expertise in complex builds, preparing vehicles for harsh conditions and remote locations, as well as GPS and vehicle tracking solutions. We have extensive experience in custom vehicle builds for your next commercial fleet, and we’re able to provide this in-house service for all of our lease vehicles, making sure your fleet is fit for purpose.

iRENTALS provides fleet solutions for all corporations who require commercial vehicles and trucks of all sizes to help their business function smoothly.

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When you liaise with our iRENTALS consultants, we can also provide you with tailored preventative maintenance packages to reflect the type of industry you operate in and the use of the vehicle, ensuring your fleet operates at optimum efficiency.

We have strong experience in managing many applications for clients, and our consultants are also on hand to guide you through our range of funding and management options on offer as well.

To learn more about our range of commercial and personal fleet vehicle options available at iRENTALS, contact us today to see what we can provide for you.

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Get your vehicles on the road faster with a simple, straight forward Finance Lease and build equity with your payments. An iRENTALS is used to finance a new or used car with tax-deductible, fixed monthly repayments and a pre-determined residual value payable at the end of the term. Our Finance Leases available as iRENTALS allow you the flexibility to access the vehicles you need for your business and without the large purchase cost and outlay of important cash reserves.

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When it comes to funding your fleet vehicles, no two businesses are the same. That’s why at iRENTALS Philippines Imported Cars, We pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke fleet finance solutions and a range of finance products to suit your needs.

We are very unique in the fact that we can tailor the fleet contract with as many, or as little services and products as you require. We’ll help you choose the best fleet finance package your local business needs whether it includes passenger, light and/or heavy commercial vehicles, and then take care of all the details for you.

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We’ll help you choose the best package for your business while keeping you within your budget. We pride ourselves on remaining flexible and we can scale our range of services to accommodate the varying requirements of our clients.


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